Quite Turkey Day for us....New Photography Lights and New Lampwork Beads

Bob and I stayed home for Thanksgiving...we needed a quite, stressed free day.  It's been rather busy with all the gathering of quotes, calling in a real estate person, and everything else it takes to decide to do an addition to a house.

Plus there is the end of season stuff.  I spent yesterday at Art Bank, trying to get things looking decent for tomorrow.  I've still got jewelry to clean, etc, etc, etc.  Plus there's also all the customs to get done as well.  I'm not really complaining, I just need 36hr days.

Anyway, I've decided to focus a bit more on my online presence.  That entails photos, the bain of my existence.  Last weekend, another artist was using a light disfuser box on her photos.  The light is fabulous.  Sooo....

Here's my old setup:

Here's my new set up...well, I'm still working on it...but it's GREAT!!!!  No hot spots, no spending hours processing in Elements because it's pretty much a crop and go. 

 The below is what good lighting can do.  The was just a crop and go.
 Same here...
 With Indiana's weather being so dark, grey, and cold in the winter...I was having issues getting photos.  Also I've got to take photos of my 2D and Bob's baskets.  So we made the investment.  The lighting has come down in price from a couple of years ago, when I was looking at them before.
Later Gators...hope everyone had a wonderful Dead Bird Day!!!