Autumn Art Fair at Garfield Park Arts Center...lampwork bead photography...trying to do it all

This evening, Bob and I will be setting up at the Garfield Park Arts Center for the Autumn Art Fair.
If you are of a mind to stop in, here's the info:
Location: 2432 Conservatory Dr., Indianapolis
Time: Nov 19th, 10am-5pm
          Nov 20th, 11am-4pm
Bob will be there with his baskets in mass!

On the beady front...
 I'm back playing with different backgrounds for my indoor photo area.  The above is a grad grey, the below is an etched mirror.

Depending on the bead set (color scheme and shape), will depend on the types of backgrounds I use. I'm sooooo happy that I finally figured this out. It doesn't sound like much but photography has been the largest obstacle for me expanding my online presence. 
I can't do it all, it's taken a while for me to realize that I ain't getting any younger and sleep is GOOD.  :-)  So instead of working longer hours and harder, I'm working towards working smarter. 

Next week...Mooner's Rocks on Etsy. I've got about 4 dozen sets to upload to my Etsy shop.  What I like about Rocks is that they make wonderful accents beads in jewelry designs and they are affordable.  They are also mix and match, so there's less orphan beads that designers have to figure out what to do with.   

Have a wonderful weekend!