ZIG Calligraphy Pen Review...Coffee...Mouse, the wonder kitty

I'm normally overjoyed by certain packages…things that contain either glass or paint.  Pretty much all my raw materials arrive via by USPS or FedEx sometimes UPS.  I live in the art supply store wastelands of Indianapolis.  The closest is a drive to Evansville to Dick Blick or for glass, Bloomington to ABR.   Anyway, I splurged this time and ordered some ZIG Calligraphy pens. 

They are acid free, archival, pigment ink, nice color selection, double ended (2mm and 5mm), and will work on watercolor paper with great ink flow.  The last one, well, is one the harder traits to find.  They are a quick dry, waterproof, fade proof, and lightfast per Kauetake.  They don't bleed or feather either. I have tested for some of these claims and I’m really impressed with them so far.  The only thing is that they need to be stored horizontally to keep both tips well inked. Also, make sure that you hear a snap when you put the cap back on...they don't always catch well.

These pens are wonderful in journals and sketchbooks.  More so when you have handwriting like mine.  I’ve never really been into fancy letters…great to view but I really didn’t want to spend the time learning.  These pens make it much easier for me.

On another topic, I've been working more with pen and ink studies...then sometimes adding watercolor.  The above is a sketchbook spread with Mouse being the main subject matter.  Normally she's quick and playful...but she can be bribed with with treats. :-)

Gotta go...time to get some work done around here.

Later Gators,