Watercolor sketching...walking around Danville

Walking around Danville, I found a really kewl spot in an alley. The bright colors, the flowers (plastic), and Christmas lights did it. Danville is a really small town...so I was a bit surprised. It reminded me of a place in NYC that I came across one time. It was a happy place so I just had to sketch it.

I've been trying to get out more for on site sketching....when the weather is good.  Winter is coming so...it's now or never. 

While I was in Danville, I also spotted this car with a flat tire.  There was a guy also in the front seat, Dad??  I guess it was too much for the little fellow, I'm guess about 4 yr old, he was going to make a break for it.  The scene just caught my eye...another one of those...I don't have the time, but I just have to draw this one. 

Tomorrow, I'm off to a "Create Your Heart Out" event with SALI.  Most of the artists will be painting...me, I'll be sketching. 

Later Gators,