TICA Cat Show...my Birthday...Sketchbook & Watercolor with Pen & Ink

Here's the sketchbook pages from the cat show...

Most of the work was quick, in pen, and I was in a hurry but it was interesting sketching people.  I normally sketch places or interesting tid-bits that catch my eye. 

 The above was a quick sketch in pen, that I lightly watercolored.  I'm not sure he was really happy by the end of the day.  I don't blame him...he had to travel to the show, then it was two day of judging, and by the time I saw him...he was looking like he really wanted to go home.

The below was a pic of the Bengal kitten judging...one kitty wasn't happy and made it very vocally well known.  He/she was beautiful.

Location: Hendricks County, Danville, Indiana: the TICA cat show was interesting.  The below was a winner and had a kewl traveling kitty condo.
Later Gators...I'm off to the torch today,