Briggs, the wonder Sheltie poses for the new camera for the sketching bag

The above...Briggs, the wonder Sheltie...was an experiment with my new camera. I decided I deserved a treat, so I got myself a birthday present. It doesn't happen that often and...

in the last three weeks I've had a sinse infection, my allergies kick me for a loop, and have been in and out of the Doc's office several times.  Then it was the 'yearly' time...yep the pap and mammogram plus a DEXA scan and typical labs.  Then I cracked a tooth.  I mean really cracked it, like in half so bad that the tooth can't even be crowned.  So I go in on Tuesday for dental impressions and then a trip to the oral surgeon on Thursday.  I also need to study for my drivers licence because I still have my Texas one and Indiana requires I take the test. (yippy, skippy I'm overjoyed on that one) So I deserved a present. 

I do have a camera...there are pics posted on this blog :-) but it's a big camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50) which sooner or later I need to upgrade so I can get better macro lens but I'm not sure what I want yeah.  The thing is that it's large, bulky, and heavy.  That's the reason why I got this one.  It's itty bitty, has good macro, the zoom is X8, and it's the size of my iPhone. 

It got to the point when I was sketching on site or was gathering up pics to paint, it looked like I was moving out for a couple of days.  So I've been in the process this week of slimming down my pack/sketch kit.  More on that later.

Have a wonderful weekend!