9/11/10 - 9/11/11 What I've learned...

9/11/01-9/11/11 9/11, every year is a day that I remember and I will for the rest of my time on this Earth….but what have I learned over this decade? That life is short, sometimes hard, but its still life and nobody has the right to take that way from another person. That there are very few things in this world I don’t respect but faux martyrs, zealots, and fanatics are at the top of my list. That the collective global abuses to our peoples and to the Earth are a direct path to destruction. That technology has made the world smaller and there really aren’t any secrets anymore…just connect the dots.

This blog post isn’t a political stand…but I’ve learned that people like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin still scare me. So do the Teabaggers. All have all the answers but forgot the question during the process. What I mean, it’s overwhelmingly clear what the problems are, and it’s not like its quantum physics. I’m still waiting on working solutions.

I have learned that though the maelstrom of financial mismanagements, the dishonesty, and cover-ups of the few, have changed the course of our futures. That a decade ago, I wouldn’t think twice about Wiki leaks, now, I applaud them for their journalist endeavors. I have learned I’m in favor of global transparency.

Most important of what I have learned in the past decade…beware of those who seek personal gain at another’s expense and a laissez-faire attitude can bite you in the ass.

Have a nice day!