Watercolor Watchers...Crows...what I've been doing

 I know that I've been out of touch lately...I've been kinda taking a hiatus from the computer.  There comes a time that I kinda have to cut certain things that take up my time...like surfing, Facebook, chatting on email, etc. So it was a 'all or nothing'...yeah, I slipped once in a while.  :-)
 What I've been working on is a new series, called Watchers.  Well, Watchers are a mini series within a larger series called Tall Tails.  Watchers are the mystical crow birds that keep the peace within the lands.  More later on the story. 
The pieces aren't that large.  Matted out they are 8x10, fitting perfectly in a frame that can be picked up at most stores.  So that these can be easily shipped. So you will start seeing some of my 2-D work on Etsy soon.

Speaking of Etsy...well, I've neglected my shop.  My bad.  Anyway, I've got over 100 beadsets that I will be photographing soon and be uploading them soon.  I've been on the touch as well.  It seems all I've been doing is working lately. 

I'm finding that it's hard to do several mediums.  Yes, I had that issue with jewelry but since I've been painting, I'm running out of time.  I think that if I can get on some sort of schedule, work on my multi-tasking, and pare down some of my social life...I just might be able to do this.  Is there really a choice when one enjoys all the mediums and is unwilling to give one up.  So that's the main reason, lack of time, that I had to stay off my computer. 

Ok...I'm off...time to hit the torch!!!

Later Gators,