Up working again...new Lampwork bead sets...

Every once in a while, I get stuck on a shape or a color or some odd abstract concept.  Normally, it’s color but this time it is a concept...a focal with accent beads.  I've made a dozen or so of these strands for jewelers that want a bit something special.   
 I looked for color combos that would span all four seasons...that would photo well.  (There are some beads that look GREAT in hand but getting photos of them are a PITA, like the color shifting glasses.)  The sets have been torched for necklaces and accent pieces like earrings. 
 I  normally torched these types of sets when I'm getting ready for show season.  The reason being, if I'm going to jury into a show, pay the jury moola, I want to get in. :-)   So I work up a handful of 'photo' pieces of jewelry that are the ones that I photography for my photos.

The above is silvered glass...normally hard to photograph but the trick for this set is to take the pics outside on a cloudy day. 
On a side note...
It's good to have a operation computer.  It wasn't totally broken...it just was running so sloooooooow.  I was even timing out when I was trying to upload pictures.  Anyway, the hubby, working and working on the puppy.  He thought it was some sort of spywear, or malware, or some sort of software issue.  After months (seriously, because it would happen off and on) of re-booting and whinnying, Bob started looking at the hardware instead.  Poof...the issues were found. 

Ya know, once you get a new motherboard and processor, there's not much else that can fail.  There is, but those are the big ticket items.  I still have another year warranty so I'm hoping either it happens soon or doesn't happen at all. :-)

OK...back to photo processing.   I've only got 30 or so sets ready to go.  I still need to photograph another 60 plus sets.  I also need to get some jewelry photographed as well.  More on that later...

Later Gators,