Ooooo....Lampies (lampwork) Fest Plus the studio move update...

If you get a chance, stop by RandomCreative's Blog...her Friday Feature is totally fab! I missed it on Friday because of my studio move sale. More on that later...  BTW, Rose (Randomcreative) Etsy shoppe is filled with beauty!!!  Her art jewelry is unique, detailed, and a feast for the wrist...or any other body part you decide to adore. :-)  All kidding aside...her work is stop by and take a peek. 

I promise I will be back soon...I'm still digging out.  I think we moved too much stuff and I've got it piled in the garage.  Geez, it's like a bomb went off in there.  So I'm going to sort and organized before we bring anymore in.  It's got to be done...even though there's sunshine and bird song outside. 

BTW, the studio sale was a SUCCESS!!!  We don't have that much to bring home now and we made moola in the process...all is good. 

Later Gators!