Feeling Better...Gallery Show...a bit of watercolor and some mixed media work

Warning...the pics are kinda lousy...they were taken at the show.  The above is under glass and it's a PITA to get a good image.  The rest have the same issue or weird angles because I snapped them at odd angles. It's a learning experience.

Last Friday, I hung my second show.  I'm feeling a bit better about my painting...I know, I know, an artist is their worst critic but the feedback was good.  Even a few sales. 

The below is one of my favorites that I've painted...

Here's a wall view of a series grouping...

The above is an experimental piece in watercolors...I got a lousy pic of it but...it's one that I would like to expand on in the future.

I've got another show in May & June....then another in August. 

No, I'm not walking away from lampwork but it's good to have other creative outlet. I'm secure in my beadmaking abilities but painting is new to me.  It will take a bit longer to feel comfortable with my work.

Later Gators!