Back to my Color Gizmo Series...Colorful Lampwork Bead Sets

I have returned to the Color Gizmo Series for a while.  The beads are ok to me but they make up into lovely jewelry.  That is my focus right now. 

 There comes a point when the beads can overshadow the jewelry design.  There is something to be said for too much, is too much. 

I also made some larger sets for those jewelry designers that want to create collections or a series.  I don't do large amounts of them but I'm having more and more call to torch them.  Mostly customs but sometimes I also get on a roll. :-)

 The above is a lovely set with dept...this is where it's a great bead set but I just couldn't get a decent pic of them.  I will go with what I've got and then retake later.  
What I'm trying to do is get my Etsy shop nice and full with some of my staples.  Then I can take some time off to paint and to torch some ideas that I have.  My biggest issue, when it comes to new designs and new glass, is coming up with interesting sets that are wearable, usable for the jewelry designer, and affordable. 

Back to processing pics....maybe I'll post more later.

Later Gator,