36 hour days?? How do SRAs do it???...New Lampwork

I've been spending lots of time on the torch but not a lot of time taking pictures.  I've come to a point that I can't even find my top of my desk.  So it will be photography time again.  Why do I do this to myself?  I stay on the torch, the part the I enjoy...then when I start drowning in beads, then I will start the process of photography and then filling up the Etsy shop.  If I would just keep a handle on it...I wouldn't dread the selling part of this business.

Anyway...my question is...how do ya'll do it all?  (run on sentence alert)  I mean how does one do the creating (beads and/or jewelry), then do the photography, then do the listings, keep up on the website, so the social networking, keep the blog updated, upload on Flickr, etc? 

Now that's just the online sales.  Then there's the art shows, bead shows, wholesale, gallery, and consignment.  Which consignment can be one of the biggest time suckers there is or it can be great!  Then there is the custom work and the amount of communication it takes. 

Then there's the typical small business duties...paperwork, taxes...well you know the drill. 

Normally, I am pretty good at managing my time and decent at multi-tasking but I'm coming to a point that I almost need 36 hour days.

So be careful what you wish for, sometimes you get what you ask for. :-)

Later Gators...I'm off to the torch! :-)