Yep, more Lampwork Beads...Beyond the Beta Version...found odd lots

 I'm still working on the 'Beyone the Beta Verison' of the rock series.  These are much more interesting to torch.  The are completely 96 COE, which I have to work either very high in the flame or a high O2 flame...or both.  If not the color will burn out, boil, bubble, and pit.  Since I normally work hot and quick, slow and cool is kinda getting to me.   I didn't get a great pic of the above.  They really are beautiful in hand.  They have the color combo of old carnival glass.   I made another rock set that is very similar that I'm going to etch.  Both have come out of my 96 stash.  I've got some really old glass from Zimmerman, Gaffer, and some handpulls... that I've been playing with.  Ya know, I've got this horde of glass that seems to be breeding.  It's not really...I guess I just keep on adding to it. 

When the studio was moved, I didn't pack it.  A bunch of family and friends came over...they did it.  I just stood around.  At the time, I didn't have any grip in my hands so I kept on dropping things.  Yeah, that was really kewl when dealing with glass rods.  Anyway, I finally took an inventory of what I have to make a few orders because I was out of a few things.  I also found a couple of boxes/tubes that either were not unpacked yet or sitting in a very dark area of my glass storage area.  I found things like a bunch of Gaffer and Zimmerman.  For those that aren't lampworkers or glass people, Zimmerman is now out of business and Gaffer does limited pulls of their veiled glasses.  I also found PI glass...another company that is now out of business.  Too bad too!!!  OMG, their glass is 96COE but it melts like butter.  Their factor is now the new CiM factory. 

I also found several pounds of River Rock...Poppy Coral...Sea Green...Amber Rose...Garret trans...Terra...several different types of odd lot silvered glasses...lots of old ASK.  So, it's time that I use some of this...why save it???  I can hear the glass calling to me...'melt me, melt me, melt me'. :-)  Why do I need over 5 lbs of pineapple sparkle or key lime or yellow ice or the really old yellow opal????    I've got odd lots that I've never heard of before.  Like a couple rods marked, blue amber rose????  Or sunshine coral????   I doubt that they are real because I got them from a supplier that gone out of business.  I have no idea what they really are...hell, they are pretty and they are glass, I'll just melt them and find out. :-)
 I've still have all the 96COE glass sitting on my torcher chamber so that's what I will stay with for the next couple of days.  After that...well, these are a bit time intensive so I will move back to my same ol', same ol' for a couple of weeks. 
Ok...time to hit the torch now.  Next week, I've got to get busy with photography.  I've got close to 100 bead sets to get pics so.  So hopefully, in the next week or so, I will do an Etsy shop upload. 

Later Gators!