We Dug Ourselves out...We are Free!

The above is a picture of Briggs, the wonder Sheltie, helping to clear the snow and ice out of the driveway.  Bob did most of the heavy ice removal with a spade.  It took two days, off and on to get it done.  Our drive is on an incline so the ice near the garage door was about 2.5 inches thick. Down by the street, it was closer to 4-5 inches thick.  The we were graced with a couple of feet from DOT.  Some nice person with something like a snow blower took a nice section of that away.  Anyway, we can make it over the hump.  Bob will finish up tomorrow to see if he can chip some of the last away.  We have more snow coming tomorrow night...isn't this weather lousy...and then we really dip in temps. 

We have been freed!!!!   I just had to say that again.  I've been trapped in the house since Monday.  The car can make it out of the driveway now.  Bob even made a run to the ‘Happy Dragon’ for dinner.   Yippy skippy, life is good!!!!

Why is it such a wonderful thing for the car to get out of the garage...that's where I make beads.  Tomorrow, while the US is watching the Super Bowl, I'll be on the torch.

Later Gators,...stay warm and stay safe!!