Punxsutawney Phil, Indiana's Ice Storm...and my views on winter.

These are photos from yesterday....it's looks much the same except that there's more ice.  Now it's snowing. 

It's beautiful if you don't have to go outside in it.   I understand that winter is part of nature, when you live in the Midwest but I'm cold and snowed out this year.  As for ice, I don't do ice.  I really can't drive on it and it's such a pain to clean off.  So I'm staying home today...maybe for several days. 

Currently, my back yard looks like a toothpick factory blew up.  I didn't get any major limbs...just bunches of little ones.  Mostly sticks with three or so dozen small limbs.  Not bad considering the ice and wind we had.

Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow...didn't see his shadow so the end might be near.  I'm hoping that this rodent's prognostication comes true. 

Since I'm staying home today...I haven't decided on what I'm doing.  I'm torn between painting, processing pictures, or watching a movie and calling it a 'snow day.' 

Stay warm...stay safe...and have a Happy Groundhog day!!!!