New Lampwork...Tide Pools

 With all the sunshine and warmer temp here, I got into the ocean theme while making beads.  Yeah, I's a bit cheesy but hey, I enjoyed torching the above strands.  I will say, they were a bit of a PITA to make so this is a very limited mini series. :-)   The focals are visually interesting to stand alone in a piece of jewelry, that's why the companion sets of basic mini rocks.  The focals are so busy that too much fu-fu will muddy up the visual field.  They would look great with just sterling, or with seed beads, or a very simple gemstone strand. 

The my last strand with 96 COE for a while.  I thought I really wanted to do a mini series...I changed my mind.  If I'm going to do this, I really need to change my set up. When we moved the glass studio home, I added another modified oxycon.  So I'm running between 25-30 helps to be close to Unlimited Oxygen....with a larger torch.  So I'm really running rather warm.  My pref is to run hot and work quick, but I just can't do what with 96 COE glass.  So I think that this mini series that I wanted to do is going to be put on the back burner, until I have more patience.
Well, I great ambitions for the torch today. :-)  Bob is working it's quite here.  All the beads are cleaned...I'm staying way from Facebook and every other of chatty forum (time killers)...and I really don't want to do photography today.  It's not even on my 'To-Do' list today...which it really should be added.  I'm drowning in bead sets right now.  There well over hundred of them that seem to be looming over my head.  Plus I've got all the bracelets cleaned and ready to go for the studio cleaning sale...I just need the photos. :-)  Well, it seems it's not going to happen today.  I've got the torcher chamber calling my name...rods are just siting there waiting for me. 

Later Gators!