New Lampwork Beads...What's Happenin'...Lets Count the Beadsets

 I FINALLY sat down at the command center (my desk) and posted some beads on Etsy.  The shop was looking a bit lean. 
I'm in the beginning phase of having to raise my prices...I'm hoping to keep it small and non-painful.  So far, so good. 

 Yesterday's 'filling of the shop' were mostly silvered glass of one form or another.  I really like how these encased twistie beads turned out. 
 There were painful to photograph though....well, fo rme that is. :-)  I torched a handful of sets, mostly to see if I could do it.  I can, so I will be moving back to my brights and rocks.
 The below is a set of 'rocks' that I used silvered glass frit....are are some minis.  I did a couple of these sets...they look sooooo much better in person than in the pics.  In the future, I will make more of these but not for a while. 
 Here's a full sized set. :-)   These are etched...I'm thinking that I might do some more etched...they turned out great.  Where they would good great with all types of jewelry designs but I can picture them within several different types.  Anyway...I will go back to rocks but I really need a break from them for a while.
I've been making beads for over ten years now...professionally since 2003. Ever wonder how many beads I’ve made…ever wonder how many beadsets? I have couple of times but the numbers seem to get lost when I’m trying to think of new color combos or a new design or testing new glass.

I’m not one of the big names in lampwork…I’m a Larry Scott or Corina or….well you get the point and it’s a long list. I don’t teach…I don’t do e-tutorials…I don’t even talk on the forums. I don’t have time. Speaking of forums and online social networking…I’m trying to figure out how anyone has the time to be self-employed like an artist and spend time chatting on the forms or places like Facebook. It’s addictive….I had to take a full hiatus from FB and I’ve make it clean break from forums. If not, I don’t think I would get anything accomplished.

What I’ve figured out, in regards to what type of beadmaker I am…I’m more of a jeweler’s support staff.

Since I don’t have support staff, I need to get busy packing up all my Etsy orders and customs. Then I’m going to work on the torch today. I’ve got a lot of new glass that is calling my name.
Later Gators!