Lampwork-Photography-and my Studio Cleaning Sale on Etsy

I’m in the process of moving my studio home and cleaning at the same time. So I’m clearing out all my work created in 2009 and 2010 to make room for my new work for 2011. The studio sale jewelry will be discounted 70-50% off original prices. When I clean, I clean.

 There comes a time with enough is enough...I've just got too much stuff.  I will do a few shows this year but I feel like I'm being weighted down by all my inventory so I don't create more. 
 So it's time!  As I take the photos over the next several weeks, I will be listing them in my Etsy shop.
 I think one of the reasons why I haven't surged forward regarding new lampwork bead designs, is that I'm stuck.  This sale will hopefully unstuck me. :-)
 After all these years, I've finally figured out how to take decent pics; not great but decent. That's another reason for the sale on Etsy...I need the practice.

These bracelets are part of my of the 'Everyday' line. The whole object was to showcase the color of the lampwork beads without overwhelming them. Just my lampwork with sterling.  These are to be sleek and wearable for everyday wear. I mean in the shower, doing dishes, playing with the kids or furballs, and of course, working the 9-5 grind. The sterling is shiny so it's very easy to clean...the design isn't complex or has anything to catch on...I used a trigger clasp so that even during wrestling match with the dog won't pull it off your wrist. This is the design that I wear daily and I'm tough on jewelry.

That's what I'll be working on the next several weeks...along with taking pics of the 100 or so bead sets that I also have sitting on my desk.  I will also have orphan sets as well. 

I've been avoiding the camera and just working on the torch as much as possible.  Which is great in some ways but now I seem to be drowning in assorted other stuff.  I've also have several orders of glass coming I know if I don't get this started, I will hide in the garage and just work away; trying to forget the piles waiting for me to photograph. 

BTW, I'm still taking a break from Facebook.  The social networking sites are great but I spend too much time on them. 

Ok...I've got to get my packages out...yep, that means all customs are done!!!!  I'm also not taking any more customs until I get my desk cleared and my studio fully moved.  I've got two more open studios left then I can finish up.  Hopefully by May 1st, not only will the studios be moved...the photography caught up...I can start doing some work that I've got in mind. 

Have a happy, creative day!