Watercolor Lesson

This piece is 11x14 on Arches cold pressed 300lb paper...yep, it's watercolor and fluid ink.  Ya know, I know it doesn't look like a great piece of art but I tell you what, it was a good lesson in washes, layering, and understanding how watercolor works.  It was also a lesson in understanding how fluid ink works as well.  It is a lot like watercolor but moves differently on the paper. 

Anyway...I'm off to work on a new artist statement and finish up getting ready to hang a show.  Tomorrow, I'm hanging (2-D work) at the Irvington Library.  No, it's not a artzy, fartzy gallery space but it's exposure and a beginning.  This is my first 2-D show in a long time.  I've been so focused on glass and jewelry, that I haven't done much else.  It's time for me to branch out.

I have made a lot decisions regarding my business, more on that topic later.  I need food and to get some work done!

Later Gators!