Show in Irvington, Mixed Media Paintings

Today I hung my first show (2-D) in a very long time.  Currently my work is being shown at the Irvington Library. 

 I love working with cradled painting boards.  They are just like canvas but much more 'Timex'.  What I enjoy the most about the cradled boards is that they give the paint a different visual appearance, much like a ‘tile’ look.
Cradled board works well for my personal style of also works very well for some types of mixed media. 

The paint support begins the process; the paint and various other mediums fuel the journey.  The composition of value, color, shape, and texture start as a chaotic beginning.  The complex layers develop into the synergy of the finished work.
As soon as I get the other photos processed, I will add them to the blog.

Gotta run...I think that I need to pick up a few things at Pet Smart before it starts snowing again!

Later Gators!