New Lampwork Series...Mooner's Rocks

I've started up a new series, called Mooner's Rocks.  They aren't the most artzy of beads but they are some of the more practical ones. 

The beads have random facets yet are smooth, free formed yet unified in size, organic yet uniquely shaped, and are very comfort to wear. The colors are mix and match…so if you have leftovers, you can always match them up with other sets in the series.  

Take a peek at the picture at the bottom.  They all mix very well together.   When a strand of beads of purchased, a piece of jewelry is made...great!  Then what do you do with what's left?  Sometimes a pendant or add to a bracelet or sometimes they just pile up.
The idea here was, there's a mix and match process happening.  Also that they are very organic so this series works well with natural stones, metals, fiber…they are very versatile within designs.
 I've also kept the strands affordable and mixed up the number per strand.  Some are one color, some are color grouped, and then will be a mix.
 The beads are semi uniformed in size, as much as you can within a freeform.
 The mother load....:-))'s cold and snowy and all I want to do is hide BUT there is sunshine!!!!   My day is going to consisit of getting a few things done around the house, pack up all my bead orders, and then more photography.   Photography is the bain of my existance.  Normally it takes me longer to get the photos correct than to make the bead set.  I've got the 'Dummies' books for both digital cameras and photoshop elements I've read them.  It just seems that I need a class.  I know that I've said that before, I've been looking for one that is geared towards artists or jewelry.  My other pics turn out fine but I'm thinking all my issues are from the hot spots in my lighting.  Hi ho, hi ho....

Have a happy, creative day!!