Mooner's Rock Sets...more Lampwork Bead sets

 I spent last night working on beady phototgraphy...the bain of my existance.  I has gotten better for me.  Bob (the hubby) worked on my computer on Saturday, then again on Sunday.  So Photoshop is much quicker, which makes a huge difference in processing photos.  I don't much of anything to the photos, I really don't know the software well enough...I really need it to size the photos and to store them in some sort of order. 
 The Mooner's Rock series seem to be a hit.  I can understand why in some ways...they are affordable, organic, mix & match, and fit in with many different jewerly designs. 

I would like to see some of the designs that my customers create with them. Mmmm....maybe I need to make me a set to see what I come up with too. :-) So's packing up all the beady babies so they can be shipped to their new homes.'s to the torch today...I've got to turn into a bead making machine. :-) Not really...I'm only kidding there. If this ever turns into a production gig, it's time for me to get a 9-5. There are times that I've wondered about that though.. I remember what it was like to have the typical was easier. Being self-employed isn't what it's cracked up to be. It's a lot of's also working when I didn't feel like too. I think it's even harder when it involved creativity. There are just sometimes that no matter how I try, the mojo just doesn't flow. Then I have to pick up and work on other aspects of the job.


I've learned not to force it.  If I know that I've got to get beads made and just can't make it happen...I normally will at least melt some spacers.  It nothing flows within an hour, which is rare for me, I hang it up and come back the next day.

Over the years...when I think of the number of beads, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pots, vases, paintings, and all the other pieces that I've created....I wonder were the ideas come from..  Bet there's no one clear answer, unless Jung does it for you.  Anyway...where is the well or spark within each one of us? 

Ok...that's getting a bit deep for a blog...I'm off to get some work done!
Later Gators!