Mooner's Rock Sets...I think it's time for another project

There's the eye candy...I'm pretty sure you won't be seeing this series any time soon.  Sometimes, I get on a roll (series) and over do it.  I am sooooo done with making these beads.  They are out of my system but I will return in a future date.  They just look great with stone and metal. 

I've still got two piles of beads that I need to get photographed but...I'm photographed out today.  I think I'm must missing painting.  Which it looks like I won't be doing for the next couple of days either.  I've got a pile, I mean a huge...mongo pile of jewelry to get cleaned.  First Friday is coming up and I haven't even started getting things done.  Oh's just the nature of the beast for the self-employed.  There are days, that I miss the days that I worked for someone else.  Mostly when I've either worked a long day...or when I'm sick.  Who am I going to call in sick to...nobody.  :-)   It's easier most of the time but I'm glad I do what I do. 

We have a huge snow storm coming in tonight....I am soooooooo done with snow...and hopefully will be gone by Thursday morning.  Yippy, skippy...more snow, ice, and sleet.   Geez, it's already icy on the back deck. 

Ok....time to light the fire in the fireplace and sip some tea.

Later Gators...stay warm and safe!