Testing out watercolors...and Arches papers!!

I'm working on a new series...it's cold, nasty, and snowy outside, so it's time to stay inside and paint...called 'Color Series'.  The pieces are still very small, fits into a 5x7 frame so the work is detailed.  The main reason why I'm working on these is that I'm trying to figure out if I what type of watercolor paper I like.  Also what weight.  I prefer 300lb but with a mat and glass, 140lb frames up easier.  So, if I'm framing it, I'll use 300lb, like above.  If I'm selling it matted, I will use 140lb.  I like keeping it simple for people, they won't need high quality frames.  A simple photo frame will do.  The paper...well, it's Arches, handsdown.  I've tried several but I keep coming back to it.  I like cold press, hot press, and rough. I see why other artists like it. 

The above is my first, all watercolor piece.  I've used watercolor before but not by itself. 

Ok...back to the studio!
Later Gators,