SmallWorks-Mixed Media Mini Painting

I'm STILL working on the SmallWorks series...that's any piece that is under 8x10.  It's hard for me to work this small but it's paying off.  Everyonce in a while I do a mini and an ideal brews...or a full conceptual impression takes place.  Then poof...I'm off to do a much larger piece, one that is much more detailed...once that doesn't make me where reading glasses to create. :-) 

I have a goal to create 300 of these mini pieces.  I am approaching my return to painting like I started lampworking.  Somebody once gave me some good advice regarding size, balance, and heat control.  The person told me to take a weekend and make spacers all day, for two days.  They told me when I was done, I would understand how to make a balanced, uniform bead.  They were right.  So in a way, that's how I'm painting.  I am going to paint 300 of these small works if it kills me or puts me on psych drugs. 

Some folks say that art shouldn't be pushed...I say, if I can't push it, then I can't do art.  Art is more than a hobby for's who I am.  It's about being creative but it's also about being disciplined and pro-active. Art is also a business.  Any artist that is self-representing is also a business person...which is hard.  The art work is only one part of the puzzle...there's also marketing, packaging, shipping (if online), booking show and events, all the paperwork and the list goes on.  There's also knowing your raw materials.   A lot of things have changed in 20 or so years...there's all sorts of kewl stuff out there.  So I've got a lot of experimentation and reading to do. :-) 

The above is a combo account of printmaking, watercolor, acrylic paint, and ink on Arches 140lb paper.  It has been matted to fit a 5X7 frame.  I've used both metallic and iridescent mediums to add texture and to reflect the light.

Later Gators...I'm off to the studio!