New Work...Abstract in Acrylics...Hands Update

My stitches are out of my left hand!  I still have restrictions but things are getting better.  There is something to be said for being able to wash my hands...for not having to place a plastic bag when I shower.  Anyway, my left hand feels pretty much like a normal hand again...I'm still having issues with my right but it's only been three weeks since surgery.

The below is a piece that I currently was an experiement and one that I'm glad I did..but it's not a style that I want to keep working with.  The section of the painting that I would like to explore is the circles...and the shapes...but it's color that I'm not pleased with.  

I do not have the patience for oils…I don’t like pastels, it feels funny on my hands…and I’m finding that I’m not that hot on tempera either. I still like watercolor but it’s going to be a while until I can focus on what watercolor can do. I found acrylic!

The below is what I  want to explore has a large amount of metallic accents, which is hard for the camera to pick up. 

I’ve been trying out all sorts of acrylic paint. Acrylic, for me, is the most versatile and suits my style of creative juices. They are easy to clean up from and they don’t smell!!! I’ve tried Golden, Liquitex, Winsor, Graham, and Matisse. I’m finding that I prefer Liquitex Heavy Body and any type of Golden. I do like Winsor’s gel mediums though. I also like metallic for accents; Liquitex is my pref there.

For washes, I’m finding that I prefer the student grade of Liquitex called Basics. I had to do a lot of research on this idea. I found out that the professional grade Liquitex has a longer shelf life, had more color for the dollar, and doesn’t yellow…so on and so on. It’s professional grade and has all the expected standards. I also found that all student grades aren’t created equal. Liquitex Basics contain the same binders and the professional grade but contain a lower pigment load. That’s mostly likely why I like them for washes.

Tonight, I'm going to the's First Friday tomorrow so I've got to setup and clean up. 

Later Gators!