Minds Eye Series-New Mixed Media Painting

I’m starting to work small, 8 X 8, which is hard for me. I want to do a mini series, call Mind’s Eye. I like the metallic favor of the piece. After that, I think I will move on to larger pieces.

I did find a new paint support called cradle boards. They are basically like a stretched canvas except instead of canvas, tung wood is used.  What I really like about them is that it gives the paint a different look.  Plus the smaller sizes give a tile theme to the work.  They really don't need a frame and they are much more stable than even canvas.  The price is about the same for decent canvas but I just like the feel of them. 

I get to see the Doc on Wednesday to see if I can go back to lampworking. I doubt it will be back to the number of hours pre-surgery but it still would be nice to light up a torch again.

Later Gators!