Hand Update and new abstract painting

I’m still healing…getting better but sometimes it’s rather frustrating. I still can’t really wash my hands because I still have stitches and a large dressing on my left hand. It doesn’t seem like this is a big deal but it is. It’s hard to do daily life…it’s also boring. I still can’t lampwork yet. I still have a 2 lb weight limit on my right hand.

So to keep myself from going crazy, I’ve been working on 2-D. The process isn’t that much different from pottery…or fiber…or jewelry design…or glass (lampworking). The raw materials are different and that is a learning curve for me. One that I’m taking very seriously…one that has unlimited options. The inspirations, the creative juices, and the adventure are the same.   I've found that I like mixed media, abstract, and metallic accents.  Plus of course, color.  I don't enjoy working  impressionism nor realism.  I kinda like fauvism but I'm leaning more towards abstraction and abstract.

I've found that I don't really like working on canvas.  Beats me why either.  I know it's the trad, it's easy to find, and has lots of options to it.  I know I like paper but it's really not suited for some of the wet media that I enjoy.  So I will be experimenting with multimedia artboards...cradled painting panels which are wood...plus illustration board.  Illustration board is kinda of a mystery to me.  So I'm going to try out Strathmore 500 Series Illustration Board for Wet Media first. Which is kinda of a PITA to find.   I'm hoping that one of the three does it for me.  If not, I will keep looking. 

The above is my first canvas piece...it's 11 X 14 inches. I used acrylic and different mediums to create texture.  The pic doesn't show well the different metallic washes that I used but that's to be expected. 

The focus right now is what I call bathroom art...experiments that I can used in my bathroom. :-)

I'm off...gotta get some things done.  Tomorrow, I get the stitches out and this dressing off my left hand.  I can't wait but I also know that my hand will feel like jello the next couple of days as well.

Later Gators,