More on the Wonder Sheltie...Sheltie United!!!!

Thank you Laura!!!!

Briggs, the wonder sheltie, is now 7.5 months old. He's currently sleeping under my office desk. :-) Briggs is on the small side; currently about 14.5 inches at the shoulder and weighing in 18-19 lbs.

His puppy kindergarten classes are doing well...we have sit, down, and stay he comes when called. He's now doing stairs but car rides are still an issue. We thought it might be the crate so I held on the way home from kindergarten. Man-o-man was I sorry…he yakked on me. There is nothing worse than slimy training treats all over your chest.

Last weekend, we did some off leash work and he worked it beautifully. He's been socialized with other dogs and people...but he's doesn't trust, two legged people other than Bob or I. Which is fine! I rather have him leery. He's been trained not to take treats from just anyone. I normally give the treats to someone that he's supposed to take treats from and have to verbally give him the OK.

Later Gators!