Larger work, mixed media 2-D

Larger work, mixed media 2-D, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.
I just finished this piece last night then matted and framed it this afternoon. It was painted for my master bedroom. I wanted something busy and semi-colorful. The frame is 24 x 36, which is wonderful for the room.

Arches paper, watercolor, ink, and paint mostly make up the piece.

The room is large and boring...mostly light wood, lots of dressers, a king sized bed, an off white chair, and off white walls. That's it. So I thought adding two very large framed pieces, one busy and one not so. Then also adding two smaller pieces. The mixed media pieces will be the main color in the room. Just about everything in there is either off white or non-descript.

Off to figure out how to frame the other piece!