Fountain Square 9-18-10 -Masterpiece in a Day-Fountain Square Art Show- ART Parade

Yesterday was Fountain Square's ( 9-18-10) -Masterpiece in a Day-Fountain Square Art Show- ART Parade.  It lasted from  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the parade starting at 4pm.  A lot of the action was at the  Murphy Art Center, 1043 Virginia Ave.   Yeah, the place where my studio is located.

The three different organizations did an art free-for-all, all age venue in Fountain Square (a historical-arts area in Indianapolis today). Masterpiece in a Day,  Fountain Square Art Show, and Fountain Square Art Council’s ART Parade.

I took a boad load of pictures...they are on my Flickr site, if you want to take a peep.

Later Gators!