More redo

It's raining...I mean the thunder and lightening kind...just what a new puppy mommy needs. Anway, how do ya like the blog redo?  I decided I wanted some color for a bit. 

Below are some beads that are currently up on Etsy.  I finally got some photos done and processed. 

The below (and above's close up) is one of my fav sets that I've made for a while.  I'm thinking that this one deserves a mini-series. 

I've been working on a new body of work, that most includes complex beadwork.  (I will have pictures soon. ) I miss seed beads enough that I've moved all my seedy beads home...since I've got puppy duty, it gives me something to work on while I'm home.  

The time that I've had open, I've been spending working on a new business plan.  It does not include walking away from lampwork, but changes need to be made.  After I have a better idea, of how to put the plan in gear...I'll write more.  Right now, I'm working on getting caught up after vacation.

Later Gators!