Spring/Summer 2010 Color Trends

The above is one of my fav...bold and visually interesting colors. I think would rather mix 1 and 2 than look at them as a stand alone fashion colors.  Oh well, I don't make the rules, I just design jewelry within the colors. :-) 



I like both 3 and 4 but more of a mix...there's some play room with these colors.


Well, it looks like another 'anything goes' sort of color season.  I'm not that fond of faded beige, soft khaki, or shades of taupe beige...can you say boring!!!!! 

With TURQUOISE being the the color of the year.  It's my favorite...along with the acidic orange (coral). 

Oh...I'm off to the studio...gotta start playing with COLOR!!!!!

May the the beady force be with you!