New Lampwork...lots of photos...with some experiments

I just listed the below set on Etsy and they have already sold...I love these beads...the color combo just flows together. 

The above was a rough draft bead set...I will list these on Etsy as a lower price.  The below is a start of a new series. 

Series Inspiration:
Most of my series inspirations come from what I call the combo effect my Moonworld lingo. This time it was the combo of listening to my audiobooks while on the torch and feelin’ up my favorite stones. I’ve been reading and listening to Katie MacAlister, mostly her Guardian series. Hence, the name of this beady series, Wyvern’s Mate. Then I got thinking about Peruvian Opals…one of my all time favorite stones. Then I got thinking about wouldn’t it be kewl to work on a lampwork series that really melded with natural stones and metals. Then I got thinking about how it would be wonderful if the lampwork didn’t overwhelm the natural beauty of the stones…then so on and so on until this series was born in the flame then touched by the Kiln Fairy herself.

The base glass in these are totally's an opal.   The I've added silvered glass frit, there's some lovely patterns and they look much better in hand than in the pic.

I've been trying to think of designs that are jewelry friend yet can be sold as lower price.  Some jewelry designs look great with lampwork but if the lampwork design is too overwhelms the design.  Then the piece has a muddy look to it.  Anyway, what do ya think?

May be the beady force be with you!