I'm back...what's been happening

It’s been a while…so let me catch ya’ll up a bit. My father-in-law, Charles Stumpp, passed away on Sunday evening Jan 31st. The funeral took place in St. Louis on Feb 6th. Afterwards, both Bob (DH) and I came down with colds…the gift that keeps on giving.  Bob still has a deep chest cough...me, I'm still tired and a bit achy.

So between death, illness, and ever occurring bouts of bad weather…I haven’t been to the studio for a while. I know that a 45 min commute to work isn’t much but I still don’t do snow and ice driving well. Plus, after that type of white knuckled steering wheel gripping, I just don’t feel much like being creative.

The grey days...cold weather...and snow seem to take the creative juices right of me.  BUT I can't stand staying at home any longer.  So Spring is going to hit here no matter what the weather has predicted. (oh yeah, great...I really don't want to piss Mother Nature off with that statement...can we say blizzard)

Today will be my first day back in a long time.

I will re-open my Etsy shop in a couple of days or maybe next week…right now, I just want to concentrate on getting my groove back.

May the beady force be with you!