Quite Day Yesterday...Cat Pictures...Studio Set Up

It snowed yesterday...which really isn't a big deal in most part of the country but in Indiana, it kinda is.  We don't get many snows there and when we do, it's chaos.  I think it's more that we aren't prepared for is like we used to be...we just don't get enough to warrent buying that many snowplows.  So the Stumpps stayed home.  Bob, was and still is glued to his EZ chair in front of the fireplace.  He's got his laptop in front of him and his Blue Ant glued to his ear.  He just moved his home office to infront of the fireplace.  Here I thought I was bad.    Then we have the cats...

Below is Sugie...toothless, old, and sometimes cranky...still asleep in bed. 

Here is Nox...sleeping while I'm trying to make the bed...yep, that's him on his back.

When we have Mouse...she was sleeping someplace but I couldn't find her.  Here's her trying to help me out in my project room.

I've had a couple people ask me my 'studio' set up. I have 30ft by 17ft studio at the Murphy Art Center in Fountain Square.  It's packed full of glass and my lampworking stuff, several kilns, all my wire stuff, most of my seed beads, all my silversmithing stuff like the anvils and hammers, several different torches, and you name.  It even have a large storage area that all my show displays are boxed up.  Then I also have a mini show area that wholesalers and customers can come in so that the can view what they are buying.   I do have a computer there and ok DSL.  I can't up load pictures fast enough there to do much work.

I also have a mini home studio, which is all over the house.  I kept a home office, one room that I use for photography, plus the garage has a kiln that I use for PMC, and my project room.   Here's a picture of my 'project' room at home.  It's almost totally without color...it keeps me from being distracted when I'm working on something. I don't have much in it, I use it mostly for bring home a project.  When I'm done...I clean it up and move to something else that I'm working on.  Right now, I'm playing with seed beads again.

Here's how I spend my day off...

Hopefully today, I will get in the mood to do some photography of beady dudes.  I've got a pile on my desk that needs to find homes.  So I might be uploading on Etsy today...or I might hunker down in front of the fireplace. 

Have a happy, creative day!