New Lampwork...Silver on Silver

I've been kinda stuck on this idea for a while...I make some beads a while ago that involved silvered glass with fine silver. They turned out OK. Then I revisited the concept a couple times after that....very very little success. They just didn't have the 'look' I wanted. So I tried it again (pics from yesterday), I finally got on the right track.

Then I pulled these from the kiln...yep, that's what I was looking for. 
It's the shape that did it for me...barrel work great with gemstones.  The color combo did it, I just have to come up with more. :-)  Isn't that the norm for me? 

Why are the fuss?  Well, a couple of days ago...I sat down and did a rough estimate of how many beads I've made from 2000-2009.  The number was unreal...anyway, it was time I came up with something different. It makes me want to go into the studio and work.  Certain types of designs and glass push me to create.  Silvered glass does it for does color.  So this is the direction I want to take for a little while. 

I feel a series coming on...

Have a happy, creative day!