Play with Beady Photography....Back on Etsy...More Lampwork

Christmas day was quite for Bob and I...we decided just to take the day off and see a move.  We saw Avatar in's a GREAT movie.  The 3D effects were a big much for me in some spots...if you have issues with heights, close your eyes. :-)

Then I spent the day working on photography and cleaning up my Etsy shop....I know, work, work, work.  But I've been wanting to get my Etsy shop fuller and get some focal photography done.  It seems I never have the time.  It actually makes it easier if I spend a couple hours getting it taken care of.  That means today, I can have some experimental torch time before I have to get my last custom done. 

Here's the new pictures...I like how they came out.  I'm learning Elements 8.  Yep, I finally upgraded.

Ok....time to start my day...and get to the studio. 

Later Gators!