New Lampwork Focals and Bead Sets...COLOR!!!!!

The focals look much better in hand than in the photos...I'm still playing with the camera.  Photography is the bain of my existance.  I'm hoping to get a photography class in pretty soon. 

The below is my favorite of the three...I'm pondering doing a focal series.  I normally don't make huge amounts of focal and keep most of them for my own designs...but...I'm finding that I really enjoy making them.  I am more of a set flamer than a focal flamer. :-)   Over the winter, I plan to do more beadweaving and these just scream seed beads.  So what do ya think?

I'm going to take a very, very short break from brights and do some muted beads today.  Well, that's the plan.  We'll see how it goes. 

Currently I don't have much more to do to get ready for First Friday so I thought I'm work on the torch today....then make a run to Blooming Dragon to drop off some inventory. 
Blooming Dragon Emporium, 5:00 - 9:00 pm on Dec 4 is having a Holiday art and gift show featuring various artists.  Irvington is have a huge Celebrate Christmas Open discounts from the local merchants, along with holiday food, music, carriage rides, pictures with Santa and fun throughout the evening. Bob and I were featured artists there last year...we had a great time.  Alas...our jewelry will be there, but we won't...unless we can clone ourselves. :-) 

Here's the address:
Blooming Dragon Emporium

5620 E. Washington Street
(317) 356-4400

This year, we are at the Murphy Art 204A.  The Murphy will be having a number of things happening.  This Friday will be hoppin' all over Indianapolis.  If you get out and about this Friday...stop by and say Hi!

Gotta get my day rolling....lots to do!

Later Gators!