MMJ Lampwork-Sigh Dots- Focal Set (13) Outdoors View

like dots…I think dots go with everything. They can be called retro…or modern…or contemporary or just plain fun. Much depends on your viewpoint. This set is more muted than in your face sorta hues.

The base glass is an odd lot that I fell in love with but… isn’t available any longer.

That's the eye candy for today. I'm back up on Etsy BUT it's going to take me a while to get everything up loaded. I have a desk that is piled high with bead sets at home. I have another desk in the studio that is piled high with sets that need to be cleaned and get strung for pics. I have another area in the studio that is piled high with bead sets that I need to bring home to photograph.

So you will be seeing lots of beads from with in the next couple of weeks.

On top of all of that...I'm done with the holiday season...except one custom. That's it...I'm back being a beadmaker for a while. I've got lots of new glass to explore!!!!

Have a happy and safe holiday season! May the beady force be with you!!!!!