Lots of Lampwork Beads...it's a raku party

Yeah, there’s a bunch of them there beads…they are rather small for my barrels, with an average size of 11mm by 10mm. I got started on a roll and didn’t stop. I’m a bit raku-ed out though. Today, I’ve decided to go back to brights. I woke up to rainy-cold weather…and everyone knows by now just how I feel about rain and cold.

On a side note…don’t forget First Friday at the Murphy. If you do happen by, please stop in and visit.

I watched an AP news video this morning over java…’Woman Claims to See Virgin Mary in Her Pancake’. There are just some videos that I can ‘t not see. It’s kinda like watching a train accident …you really don’t want to watch but your eyes are drawn to it never the less. I do not doubt that there might be some sort of divinity presence in the world but in pancakes??? That’s not what got me…it’s that AP thought this Virgin Mary pancake was news worthy. Must be a slow day in the world.

Later Gators!