Lampwork Photography...Plus GOOD news and BAD news

GOOD News:

My friend’s, Cindy Wimmer from Sweet Bead Studio, Concerto Necklace design has been picked as a 2009’s Editor’s Favorite by Step-by-Step Wire.  BTW...her Etsy shop is here.

Now some folks will ask if that’s a big deal…yep, it is. There are a huge number of designers out there…there are a huge number of tutorials out there. So being chosen with in the top tier is a very big deal. It couldn’t happen to a better person either. Cindy is very talented…her work makes lampwork sing. It showcases the beads and the wirework is visually interesting as well. Which makes each jewelry piece into wearable art.

BTW, it kinda feeds my ego too…she used my beads for the necklace.

I spent the entire day working on photography, and the verdict is: I need a photography class. Now here’s more bad news…I can’t get into a class until mid-spring. Now you ask why this is such a big deal…well, beads are easier for me to take pics of than jewelry. I have had many requests that I start selling jewelry online. It’s easier for my long term customers to buy online than at the studio or at shows. Plus I’m not going to be doing that many shows next year. I really need to concentrate on working on all the new glass that is out there.

Now for more bad news…my kiln (Paragon Bluebird) is NOT behaving. I think something is wrong with relay. I have to pack it up and sent it in to be fixed. So I have to dig my spare kiln, the Chili Pepper, out and get it going. I really don’t like the Chili Pepper as well as the Bluebird. So people swear by the Chili Pepper but it’s more of a backup kiln or what I transport for demos.

I'm off to the studio!
Have a happy, creative day!