Indianapolis Star Interview...and more of an art focus

Several weeks ago, I got call out of the blue.  The Indianapolis Star wanted to do an interview and photo shoot in my studio.  Yeah, it's kinda kewl on a personal ego thang. What is really kewl is that Indianapolis, the most sport focus city I know of, is taking more of an interest in the arts.  If you are interested, the interview, click here.   Also what I thought was kinda interesting is that lampwork was a focus.  Normally it's silversmithing or stringing that gets the attention. 

End of the ego razzle dazzle.  I'm in the middle of ramping up to go back on Etsy.  I think I've got about 40 bead sets sitting on my desk right now that I've got to get the photography started.  So I'll have more eye candy for ya soon. 

I've been on the torch just about non-stop lately...playing with everything from lots of silvered glass to brights. 

Later Gators!