Studio Pictures in the Murphy Art Center, Fountain Square

Yesterday, Indianapolis had sunshine...a miracle of I took a few pictures. 

OK…real deal...after several  emails…I decided to share a few pics. For various and sundry reasons, I fail to see the interest, but hey, I’m here to serve…and maybe add a bit of humor to some folks’ lives.   The below is the back of the Murph...if you are interested in the history. Take a click.

The below is the St. Patrick.s Catholic Church's bat belfry next door...beautiful building that overlooks Fountain Square.  A piece of trival here...Fountain Square was home to the first Irish settlers in Indianapolis in the 1850’s and has been dubbed 'Irish Hill'.

The is the main hall of the Murph. No, this hall will never make Better Homes and Garden but you have to admit, it’s got personality. 

Mmmm....the stairwell that leads to my studio....go up the stairs and hang a right...yep, that's me in 204a.

Here's a pic of my lampwork setup in my studio. 

The previous artist had a friend that painted her and I decided that I wanted to keep her. :-)  She's on the wall in the studio, over looking everything.  We painted and did some destruction of a loft that wasn’t useable for us before we moved in.

That's the end of the tour.  If you ever want to stop by...give me a call or stop in at First Friday.  December 4th will be a big one.

I'm off to work...hi, ho...hi, ho...hi, see what the kiln fairy left for me.

Later Gators,