New Lampwork Jewelry Designs...depressing news...silvered glass

Yesterday I spent some time in the studio cleaning and organizing. Yeah, what a fun filled day in that regards. I also was down at Indy Swank for Jen’s Sassy Saturday. There will be lots of pics soon. I will post the link when I get it. Attendance was a bit smaller than I thought but it was also 60 degrees and sunny. I bet most folks were getting outside work done before winter or doing something outside. This might be the last weekend of decent weather for a while.

Speaking of the great outdoors…I was driving home from the studio last night at 5:30pm…it was getting dark. After checking out the current sun stats, I found that sunrise is at 7:30am and sunset is 5:30pm for today. How depressing.

Speaking of depressing…I found out the hard way that Lauscha Clear and CIM Stoned Ground don’t play well together.  Maybe somebody can make it happen but I can't make it happen.  That was a whole day at the touch that is getting tossed. Yeah, I garaged at 960 and annealed at 980…did the very, very slow cool down ramp cycle and a few still didn’t survive. So, all beady dudes have been tossed. I normally keep notes for my experiments so that I don’t repeat such mistakes. BTW, just because glass is 104 coe doesn’t mean that all 104 coe glasses are created equal…some don’t play well with each other. Experience is the best teacher.

Now for some new jewelry designs….

The above are silvered glasses but non-encased.  :-)  Mostly I've used fine silver, clean accents, and different silvered glasses on several different bases.   I didn't really catch all the details in the bead...unless you click on the pic...then you see all the colors of the silvered glass. 

The above is a fun focal in ink blue, green, violet,...well, you can see the colors for yourself.  Geez, I think I need more java.    The colors remind me of summer... 

These designs are more simple…less is more sort of design. All the metal is sterling…all the lampwork is made by me...of course.  I will test them out at the next couple of shows I do and at my next First Friday before I decide to make a series of them.  I do think that these could be wholesaled...which I thinking about going back to.  I'm also thinking going back to just making beads. If I go into wholesale, I'm really going have to dumby down a lot of my work and I really don't like production work but I can do it.  So I'm kinda torn.  I'm pretty sure that 2010 will be a year that I make a huge number of decisions that will change how I do business.  I'm finding that I don't have time to do it all.  I think a lot of artists are getting in the same boat that I am. 

Well that's it...time to get my day started...going to visit my parents and stop in to a new shop that will be carrying my work.  It's called Purseptions. If you like designer handbags, sunglass, or jewelry...this is the place.  It's a very kewl shop!