My Season...New Lampwork on Etsy...Lampwork Bracelet

Well…the time has come, I’m wrapping up my jewelry making season soon. I’ve got a handful of shows/commitments/customs and an Open Studio, First Friday…that’s it for this year. Then I back on the torch, working on new designs. I’ve been playing with a lot of silvered glass, mostly focals…also bright colors have just recently taken center stage for me. Where as I greatly enjoy working with silvered glass…I need the pick me up of bright and colorful, it’s a weather, grey skies sort of issue…which it seems will plague the Indiana skies until spring. Mmmm…I wonder if I need to order some more lime green and pink rods????

I do enjoy creating jewelry but the creation all starts with me making the beads first. I’m beginning to think, that I’m more of a beadmaker that I thought. Maybe that’s because it’s GLASS

The above bracelet was created with etched nuggets. The beads have an organic velvet feel to them. They aren’t out of focus, I was playing with Photoshop again. The bracelet is smooth to the touch and is a comfortable piece.  I'm still working on designs that are less fu-fu, wearable for everyday, and that showcase the lampwork beads. 

The below is a set I just listed on Etsy. Yep, I'm back on Etsy and hopefully will be for the next couple of months.

Now on the yippy skippy front…I think the ventilation issue might be solved. It was a damper circumventing the air flow, we think. I will find out today. It’s a major torch day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  At our house, Bob cooked and read most of the day.  Me, I took almost a 5 hour nap.  Geez, I will be so glad when Dec 15th rolls around...that means, I'm on vacation mode. Which lasts a day or two.  Why Dec 15th you ask...every year I set a date that I draw the line to when I stop creating jewelry for the Christmas rush.  I will finish up all customs by then....I will be done will all shows...I will start working on the SPRING line.  That's the plan (for now).  

My plans is a lot like life..."Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."   -John Lennon

Later Gators!