My Day at the desk hit critical mass

This morning I went into the desk was boobie trapped by the Kiln Fairy and the Studio Elves. (Studio Elves can be mean little buggers) Beads and shit kept falling sliding off onto the floor...stuff was missing and I couldn't find anything. Ya know...if you believe all this...I've got some ocean front property, right here in Indiana, for sale.

It came to a point of critical mass…plus I’ve got the Indianapolis Star coming to the studio tomorrow to take pics. Between the two, I had to do something. Plus it’s a bit embarrassing when I can even find my pliers.  There comes a point when looking for tools takes more time than creating a piece of's time to clean.



Wear Women Create Magazine scares me. I mean, I look at that mag and wonder who cleans all those studios. Here I am in the studio…I normally dress in all cotton; today it’s an old grey sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes….I have my Aura 92 safety glass (with the magnifiers that make me look like an alien bug) on. I normally wear a denim apron and headphones. With all the headgear, my hair stands up in red tufts.  The artists in the pictures are normally dressed…kinda cute. Me, it’ like I’m working in a factory.

There’s the dirty area that I do the jewelry cleaning, bead cleaning, and silversmith. A pickle pot, a propane tank, drill press, or a grinder would look out of place in those studios. Then there’s the torcher chamber…yeah, on open flame works there as well.

No fu-fu rugs for me…I’m on concrete. I’m in the part of the building that used to be the old theater so I do have a really kewl ceiling. Even the parts of what I do that could go into one of those studios, where I make the jewelry, looks like a small third world country marched though it. (that was BEFORE I picked up a bit)

Then there’s my frig. Well,  you would expect chilled fruit inside with some sort of fu-fu serving tray on top. Me, I’ve the got coffee pot on top, chilled Corona inside, and a bumper sticker on the front.  Doesn't that just say it all. :-) 

Later Gators!