Musing of an Artist…plus some new lampwork

My day…

I’m in my studio, working, as always. I’m at working on the torch so I’m not all gushed up or anything…actually, I looked like something like the cat yakked up. I’m listing to the Stephanie Plum saga, so I’m laughing out like the village idiot. I’m got my torch glasses on with the mag lenses so I look like a giant rabid bug. So you have the visual…

I get visitors…yippy, I rarely get visitors so that’s why I don’t worry what I look like or get all weirded out if I talk to myself. Well, my visitor is a reporter from the Indianapolis Star, the local newspaper. Anyway, the article will be in the Sunday paper in a couple of weeks. Thank the Gods there wasn’t a camera involved.

…now, can I impress people or what???

Now to bigger and better...I've been working with lots of silvered glass.  I did do several days of fu-fu flowers...I can only take so much fu-fu.  The below is a pendant...

I love working with silvered glass...yes, it's pricey but it's worth it.  It does things that no other glass does. 
The below is a test beady dude that I'm thinking about doing a series of.  I will make me decision in a couple of days, after several days of making focal beads. The below is a necklace that I finished up....encased silved glass...handmade sterling chain...and a very kewl focal.  The piece looks much better in hand than in the pic.
The above is a silvered glass...encased beads...easy to wear and comfortable.  The simple design keeps the focus on the beads. 

I'm hoping my day goes better tomorrow. Indy Swank is doing a Sassy Saturday event. It’s really kewl…a photographer will be there, Ben Rose…I’ll be there for one of those “Meet the Artist” thingie. Every time I do one of these sort of ‘meet’ event, I feel like a cat at one of the animal adoption events.  Well hell, maybe somebody will adopt me. :-)  My luck, they would return me.

Later Gators!