Front and Side...Lampwork Bead Runway.

I'm still stuck on silvered hasn't gone a way.  The above is a new design...raised decoration on the sides.  I've done some of these in the past, made jewelry from them.  I went to look in my inventory and couldn't find any.  They have sold in the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, The below glass is what I had sitting on my desk. I got caught up in the moment and now, I can’t remember what I used on each bead.

Garaged and annealed at 940
Base: CIM Plum, CIM Ghee, CIM Unique Kyrptonite, Cosmic Storm Odd, Rainbow Red, and Dark Ivory
Silvered Glass: Precision 104 Van Gogh, Precision Rembrant Opaque Odd, stormed Precision 104 Shasha’s Silver, Double Helix Gaia, Double Helix Terranova 2.1…plus a blue rod of something
Accents: Clear and Fine Silver

Measures: 38mm hole to hole, 22mm wide, and 9.5mm thick.

Later Gators!